Starting a Tech Business

This is an introductory video for the book ‘Starting a Tech Business’ (see ALEXANDERCOWAN.COM for more info). If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, “intrapreneur”, or just want to know more about how to apply technology to a business, this book is for you!

Starting a technology business is a pretty general thing. Here are some more specific notes on thinks you might find interesting:
* General on Starting a Tech Company:
* Formulating Tech Business Ideas, Innovation Through Design Thinking:
* Creating a Lean Startup Business Plan, The Business Model Canvas Explained:
* Lean Product Development via Design Thinking, Model View Controller Explained:
* App Architectures Explained for Ruby, Java, PHP, iOS, Android, etc:
* Hiring engineers and technical talent:
* Agile Project Management Framework, Rapid Prototyping Model:
* Process for Running a Tech Business:
* Scaling a Tech Business:

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