Social entrepreneurship – Start a business, save the world, create wealth and sustainable profits

Social entrepreneurship – Start a business, save the world, create wealth and sustainable profits

“Social entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry.” Bill Drayton – Drayton founded Ashoka Changemakers and is one of the world’s foremost thinkers in the world of social entrepreneurship. He was the first to recognize and support social entrepreneurs dubbing them change-makers.

“When we want to help the poor, we usually offer them charity. Most often we use charity to avoid recognizing the problem and finding the solution for it. Charity becomes a way to shrug off our responsibility. But charity is no solution to poverty. Charity only perpetuates poverty by taking the initiative away from the poor. Charity allows us to go ahead with our own lives without worrying about the lives of the poor. Charity appeases our consciences.” Muhammad Yunus – Yunus is founder of Grameen Bank, the pioneer in the microfinance industry, he’s also a Nobel prize winner. Leveraging the power of micro-loans he was responsible for lifting millions of women out of poverty.

“I believe that Silicon Valley is truly a place of excellence and the impact of this tiny community on the world is completely disproportionate to its size. We are the undisputed leaders of technological change. But with our abundance of talent and resources, we also have the opportunity to be the pioneers of social change and, ultimately, this may be our greatest contribution.” Jeff Skoll – co-founder of eBay, Skoll decided to use his billions to set up the Skoll Foundation to invest, recognize and connect social entrepreneurs. Skoll also founded Participant Media, to make movies that matter.

Idea snacks are short videos aimed to help inspire design, creativity, and sustainable solutions for business and the community.

If you are looking for your next business product, start-up idea, innovative solution for your clients, or simply looking to learn something in 5 minutes or less, then Idea Snacks are a must for you.

Interesting topics covering sustainability, green buildings, renewable energy, climate change, greenhouse gas, the environment, biodiversity, eco-systems, sustainable living, and much more will be covered in Idea Snacks. Get your Idea Snack today and feed your brain.

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