Should you study business in college if you want to start a business?

In this video I answer the question whether you should switch your major to business if your goal is to one day start your own company.

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S Syeda:
“This has really inspired me my whole family are business majors with car companies or even restaurants, with me business has been one of those things that I loved going into when I was older being an accountant or something, however art was my hobby im doing btec art atm in college and now I HATE its not something I want to carry on with in the future, im thinking to apply to a business and accounting or business degree at uni but im not sure if I would find it hard with this sudden jump, I dont know nothing about business I done it as a gcse subject which I loved and with dad and uncles who are involved with businesses I get ideas off them im currently work for a business which sells high end brands but I reallllly need helpppp like proper bad please please please can u make a video or a responce to ket me know if its a good idea with rarely and college business background without knowing rarely anythig to apply to a course like that, or if I even wnt to do a business course what courses would be best suited or anyhing im just so stressed out atm.”

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