Learn Business English – 1 – How to Start a Business – How to Think Like an Entrepreneur

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Video lesson 1 transcript

Hello and welcome to a brand new video series from EnglishAnyone.com!

I’m always telling students that if they want to get fluent in English faster, they should stop studying the English language. What you really want to do, so you stay excited and motivated, is to study something you’re interested in IN ENGLISH. So, whatever that happens to be, focus on that thing and you will enjoy learning, but also improve your English at the same time.

This video series is about business and entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur is a person that builds businesses, or comes up with ideas and gets people together to do something interesting. So, I will be teaching you about business as I learn as well. I’ve just joined a brand new program that I’ll be learning online, and I’ll be sharing the successes and the failures, and a lot of the lessons I learn along the way to help both of us, not only improve your English, for people that are learning English, but also for other entrepreneurs and people that want to learn how to build businesses.

I know there’s a lot of information out there, but hopefully, working together, using your comments and ideas and questions, along with my videos, we’ll both be able to come up with some really great ideas, and both, everyone, will be able to learn a lot.

This first video lesson is all about… uhhh… kind of… my history, but, also, business fundamentals. And, the way I changed the way I started thinking about business to start getting much better… uhhh… as an entrepreneur, as far as how I think. Let’s get to it!

Alright, first of all, for those of you who don’t know who I am, because many different people will be watching this, not just English learners, my name is Drew Badger and I’m the co-founder of EnglishAnyone.com. I help teach people all over the world how to learn English, but my job is really more of a problem solver. I teach students the language, but what I’m really doing is helping them build confidence and helping them connect with the English language a lot more easily.

But before I talk about any more about learning English or teaching English, I want to talk about, in this lesson, first, about how I became interested in business in the first place.

I’ve always been really excited about solving problems and, if I see something that, maybe, looks a little bit weird, or I wonder why the hell people do something like that, then I immediately start thinking of ideas and ways to improve it. So, in the same that I’m thinking about how to make the English language easier to understand for students, I also think, every day, about why this company does this, or why this group of people does that.

But all of these are examples of learning to think in a different way, and one of the best ways to try to solve a problem, and create a lot of happiness and wealth for other people, is to help them solve problems with businesses.

So, I began doing that when I was younger, but one of my favorite examples is I used to throw parties… So, to have a party or to make a party is to throw a party… uhhh… for profit back in college. I had a lot of fun doing this. I would talk to people about what kind of party they wanted, and then I would get people together, and we would get food and drinks, and we would have better parties than the fraternities were throwing… uhhh… back at school. And I was able to make something fun that people were excited about, but I was also able to make money doing that, so we were able to make bigger and bigger parties.

But, one of the things I learned in college was really about how to think about business more clearly. And a book that I found, you know, you, kind of, hear from other people about great business books when you start wanting to research business, and this book was Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. There’s a link right down below this video. It’s an affiliate link. An affiliate link means if you click on it and purchase the book, then I would get a percentage about that. I’d get a percentage of that sale. So, you don’t have to click on it if you don’t want to, but this book changed my life and I’m gonna talk a little bit about it right now…


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