It’s easy for kids to start a business

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I started MDB & TBN to get kids and teens excited about concepts like money, business and becoming an entrepreneur. Kids & teens are smart enough to start a business, but “business experts” pile on big books and make it look difficult. It’s not! You can get started RIGHT NOW.

Here’s what you do:
Visit the web page listed above that matches your age group. View upcoming courses and register. No upcoming courses listed in your area? Click “get involved” to find out how to implement the program in your school or youth program or purchase the workbook & videos for self-guided learning.

I will show you —
– how to figure out what kind business to start;
– how find customers;
– how much to charge;
– how to make yourself different from your competition;
– and how to make money.

Rylie Morgan took my class and started “Dance to the Pointe,” a resource for competitive dancers. Her business is profitable — and she’s thirteen.

Josh wants to be an actor, and he’s learning how to treat his dream as a business, so he has a better chance of success in a competitive field. And by the way, he’s twelve.

I’m a small business owner, and I’ve helped dozens of companies get started, improve their sales, and I’ve coached them to bigger success. I will show you the same way I showed them.

I offer a money-back guarantee. If you take my class and you don’t think it was worth the money, I’ll refund your tuition on the spot.

Don’t dream of a future where you might start a business, do it now. It doesn’t matter how young you are. Lyla Padden started her cupcake business, Flour Gal, when she was only ten. Do you think she asks her parents for an allowance?

I limit class size to just a few kids, so I can give you as much individual attention as possible. After you’ve taken the class, I can coach you as you build your business.

Let’s get started on making your business dreams come true.




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