How to Start/Open a Restaurant Business in India I Entrepreneur Success Story India 29#ChetChat

How to Start a Restaurant Business in India I Entrepreneur Success Story India #ChetChat

Click here to know about How to start a restaurant business in India, ChetChat with Nishek Jain , an Entrepreneur success story india about restaurant start up mistakes, how to open a restaurant, the restaurant business in India and restaurant business tips for opening a restaurant and how to set up the restaurant.

1. Restaurant Start Up Ideas – Young Entrepreneur Nishek Jain, the restaurant boss of The 29 talks of how he got the idea to set up this restaurant
a. Indians are in pursuit of Mexican Food, Italian Food and Lebanese food. Very little is known about Indian cuisine beyond the Mughlai and South Indian Food.
b. The idea was to set up a Restaurant in India with Indian cuisines from all the states of India

2. Education Background – Nishek Jain studied at Manheim Germany, worked for an MNC in Germany and returned to India to set up the restaurant

3. Strategy of a Restaurant Business Plan and success story of a businessman

4. How profitable is the Restaurant Business in India
a. As a start-up you need to be completely dedicated to it
b. Ensure your concept of the restaurant is sustainable
c. Reliable staff is a must – chefs, restaurant marketing and sales staff are all crucial
d. Small business tips – like finances. Make sure you have a control over your finances. Ensure that you do not choke on capital a few months after you open.
e. Basics of cleanliness, hygiene, taste and quality are essential

5. Indian cuisine from different states

6. Restaurant Start-up Mistakes – common mistakes people make while starting up a restaurant

7. Challenges faced by the Entrepreneur during the Restaurant start-up phase in India
a. Approvals from the authorities
b. Bureaucracy
c. Getting the right staff is a challenge
d. Execution of your idea is the biggest challenge
e. Trial and Error process
f. Doubts and fear of the start up

8. Three things to keep in mind while formulating a small restaurant business plan

9. Secrets of a successful restaurant

10. Some parameters to ensure success at the restaurant.

11. How has the experience of the start-up changed him a person

12. Lessons learnt from the start up and the entrepreneur story

13. Future Plans of the Restaurant including restaurant marketing ideas – expansion of the restaurant to other cities of India and to other countries, plans to open new restaurants

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