How to Start a Social Enterprise

How do you go about starting a social enterprise? Don’t you need a lot of business experience? Can a regular person really do this? Let’s see…

This is Amy. She is really concerned about the number of migrants who can’t read basic English. She is also concerned about the number of elderly people in her community who are alone and lonely.

Amy has a great idea to start a business that can fix these problems. A business that hires elderly people to teach basic reading skills to migrants. She knows that she needs to have some money in order to start the business, she needs “CAPITAL LITERACY”. “Capital” can mean money or things that Amy can use to start and run her business to make MORE money. Capital literacy will help Amy to understand, get, and use the different forms of capital she’ll need for the business.

Amy writes out a “BUSINESS PLAN” so that she can know how much capital she’s going to need for the money she expects in return for her service. For example, she needs some books and maybe a mini bus to take people to their lessons.

Amy finds a team of people willing to help with the business. For example she’ll need elderly reading teachers, people to help her promote the business, maybe even a bus driver.

Amy is now running a social enterprise.

Remember it starts with an idea to make a difference, a business plan, a team, and some determination.

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