How to Start a Natural Products or any FOR PROFIT Business 101 for $200 or less

Thanks for all of you that have inquired about how to start your OWN Natural Hair Products business. You can do it! My business started as a business right away because I wanted the tax benefits. I made over $12k in 6 months working only on the weekends. I spent a lot of money purchasing items, paying booth rent, building the business, etc. I work FT and run this as a PT business that I intend to use to pay off student loan debt. Then we’ll see about going at it FT.

My business is Organic Life Products, Inc. and we create all natural products that enhance beauty, build confidence and improve overall health. We now sell exclusively on Amazon at

Want to work personally with me?

I made $12k with my business from July – Dec working only on the weekends (20 days total). I can help you build any business, YOU CAN DO IT! “Teaching Part-time Entrepreneurs how to Achieve Full-time Success!” Tina

Follow your OWN order.
*Make a sell
*Study, study, study your products
*Add a medical disclaimer to your site
*Secure url (
*Establish business within your state (I started with a Sole Proprietorship)
*Establish a BUSINESS Paypal account
*Get a business license in your city/state
*Log all receipts (lunch, notebook, computer, mileage, etc.)
*Establish a site to sell your products. (,
*Decide if you want a standalone website (DO NOT SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF)
*Establish 2-3 distributors (minimum) (Organic Life Products, Inc., Google search, eBay, etc.)
*Create a biz name that you can sell! Think BIG!
*Search the Trademark Corporation for your business name (Use Google)
*Find out if you need an EIN# (
*Read pub 535 (
*Decide if you really want to start “this” business. (Is it a conflict of interest with your day job? Are you broke? Do you need money?)
*Write down EVERYTHING!
*Write a business plan (Who is your customer? What do you want to sell? When are you going to sell/start? Where are you going to sell? Why are you starting this business?(For money is NOT the best reason)
*Research, research, research!
*Properly label your items using INCI wording
*Choose the sizes/styles of your containers and packaging
*Find a graphic designer (, (DON’T GET CAUGHT UP ON THE SMALL STUFF)
*Get biz cards (
*Accurately calculate shipping
*Hire an accountant to do your taxes (fees are deductible on your taxes)
*Apply for a business credit card (

The Making Work Pay Tax Credit

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