How to start a flower shop business

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Hi Evan
Thanks for all you do to help solo entrepreneurs like myself. I had some highs and many lows in my journey as a young entrepreneur. Currently i just turned 30 and it’s like i’m starting all over again. Working a cooking job trying to get my nyc cab license so i can start saving some money. I had a couple major setbacks in the past 5 or so years, with deaths and trying to help family members. Things in which i’m still recovering from.
Anyway, one of my major goals i always wanted to accomplish is owning my own flower shop/ garden store. I was told about how the flower shop business works by a customer i had in Queens working my first selfmade business i made for myself at age 20, which was marine aquarium care & cleaning. I think the guy was also a sports bookie but i don’t want to do any of that stuff. I just want to run the best flower shop in town, employ my mother and maybe my younger female cousins to do the bouquets and flower arrangements. You see a business like this to me symbolizes stability, peace of mind (cause gardens calm me down) and freedom, a good foundation to start working on and making money with my other product ideas.
Giving my current situation want would you say is the best steps i can take toward attaining this goal? i am currently doing some bootstrapping for it. looking at neighborhoods that lack a good flower shop. I also been collecting exotic seeds and small fruit trees, i even propagated 10 little fig trees from my huge fig tree i have in my backyard this year. I’m thinking about buying a gardening site from Flippa to build a customer base for when things start to move. I’m not in the fish tank biz anymore and that customer i had has since moved, so any information would be of a great help. I’m in this for the long term i don’t care how many years it takes.
Thankx Evan, hope this wasn’t to long of a question, feel free to answer in your own time no rush.
Thank you again

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